Gourmet Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

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  • Potato Field in the Matanuska Valley

    It all begins start with select chipping potatoes grown locally in the rich fertile soils of Palmer, Alaska. The potatoes are then delivered weekly by the truckload to our factory in Anchorage.

  • Dumping Potatoes

    Seen here, a 1,300 pound tote of Alaskan grown potatoes is being emptied into a receiving bin where they will go through the process to become a fresh potato chip.

  • Peeling Potatoes

    The potatoes are then loaded into our batch peeler where they are lightly peeled, inspected and weighed into 40 lb batches in preparation for slicing.

  • Slicing Potatoes

    Next, the batch of peeled potatoes is fed into our slicer, which slices the potatoes into consistent slices to insure that every chip will have the same great Alaska crunch after cooking.

  • Cooking Potatoes

    The slices are then cooked in 100% peanut oil for approximately 5 minutes. As the slices are cooked they are continually stirred. When the chips stop steaming, they have officially become a potato chip.

  • Seasoning & Grading Potato Chips

    Seasoning flavors are then sprinkled onto the chips by hand giving them a unique, bold flavor. After seasoning they are inspected before being packaged.

  • Christine, the Packaging Machine

    After seasoning, computerized scales precisely weigh and portion the chips for packaging.

  • Packaging Potato Chips

    The automated bagger seals the chips into air tight bags to ensure that the chips retain their freshness.

  • Palletizing the Potatoe Chips

    Last, the cases are palletized and delivered throughout Alaska for your enjoyment!